Thoughts on USA-Canada

After three friendlies, does anybody really understand the US attack?

It was hard to see any cohesion in the US offense. The trio of Bradley/Jones/Torres was solid as always, but their offensive inefficiencies tend to show when they are playing a team that sits back on them. Michael Bradley never crossed midfield, while Jones and Torres struggled to connect with the two playmakers (Donovan and Dempsey). As a consequence, Donovan and Dempsey did not really have opportunities to get the ball in dangerous spots. Bradley kept everything organized in front of the backs, so even though he pushed up a little towards the end I’m pretty much leaving him out of this. The other 5 attackers all seemed like they were on 5 different pages.

I really don’t mean to bash the team. I’m just confused. When Jozy came in for Torres, it looked like he was playing the same outside mid role (not target forward?) At one five minute stretch, I saw the deepest man up the field be Dempsey, then Jones, then Altidore. All for a role that I thought was for Gomez.

Defensively, everything looked fairly solid. I mean, this was not Brazil, so there weren’t really any complexities to solve for the back four. I can’t tell what this means for Onyewu in WC qualifying. Its unlikely that there will be a team that can exploit him the way Brazil did, but his tendency to ball watch and be out of position is becoming a point of real concern. Canada should have scored their secon…um, I mean first goal in the 89th minute, when Onyewu was caught ball-watching again and should have been punished.

Other Thoughts:

-I liked Canada’s centennial jersey(and warmup jackets). Always a fan of Umbro’s retro style.

-What happened to Klinnsman numbering 1-11 for the friendlies? I kinda liked that.

– 15,247 for the centennial game? The new Canadian officials have their work cut out for them, but I think Canada will surprise some people in WC qualifying.




One Response to Thoughts on USA-Canada

  1. I agree with your point about cohesion. Too often players were missing each other trying to connect passes to runs. Thanks!

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